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Lumo Company was established with the need to create
innovative and expressive art.

Physical and visual expression is the power and source of our work. We combine circus, movement and different art forms to create highly visual performances, which unveil the abundance of ways there are for people to communicate. In all our shows, we want to tackle socially engaging themes around issues of power and questions that unite and divide human beings.

P  E  O  P  L  E



Circus, Tightwire,
Hula Hoops, Dance




Circus, Tightwire, Unicycle




Handstands, Acrobatics



Producing, Marketing, Aerial Acrobatics



Lights & Sound Design, Technical Directing



S  H  O  W  S




Wiredo explores human senses, combining the techniques of tightwire walking and Shibari.  

Shibari is an ancient Japanese artform that involves tying oneself up with ropes. The piece is a collaboration of a freestanding wire and human bondage.

With her body, a tightwire and a physical composition that draws on the Japanese art of Shibari Hanna Moisala’s WireDo, tells a gripping story of stepping out of one’s comfort zone.

Performer: Hanna Moisala
Concept: Hanna Moisala
Director: Taina Kopra
Composer: Terhi Pippuri
Light Designer: Ville Finnilä
Duration: 45 min
Photo: Mia Bergius
Premiere: 15 Apr 2016 Jacksons Lane Theatre, London, Circus Festival London

Scream before you fall

Scream before you fall

Coming 2019

The wire is tightened through the spinning juggling rings while the tightwire dancer is balancing on it. The juggler is finding new routes for her juggling rings amongst the feet of the tightwire dancer. They bring on stage a visually pleasing duo dance up in the air, on the floor and between. Their exploration with wire and rings makes them deal with play, competition and desire to win.

Performers: Sini Napari & Kanerva Keskinen
Production: Lumo Company & Passiili
Supporters: Arts Promotion Center Finland, The Alfred Kordelin Foundation, The Samuel Huber Art Foundation, Art School Estradi, SaSak
Picture: Mikko Pirinen

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READY TO TOUR / School tour

#courage #dreams #pressure #care #bullying.
These are the themes that UpsideDown is made of.

UpsideDown tells a story of growing up and dealing with our own insecurities. How do we stay self-confident? And how do we keep believing in our dreams when people try to put us down?

Performers Hanna and Heidi draw from their own experiences, telling stories with warmth and humour. Combining storytelling with physical theatre and circus, UpsideDown is a moving and exhilarating show that will touch your heart and thrill your senses.

 Duration: 25min + Interactive conversation
(Circus Workshops available)
Performers: Hanna Moisala, Sini Napari & Elina Raasakka
External eye: Anu Niemi
Photo: Mia Bergius
Premiere: 14 Dec 2015
Language: Finnish




Nuanc3d is a performance at the crossroads of contemporary circus, media art and live electronic music.

Nuanc3d is a vibrant motion sensor-based experience and a dynamic discussion between different artforms, latest technology and human bodies.

Performers and media designers are in constant dialogue via a computer program to create sound reactive visual footage on white screens, derived from the movements of the circus artists.

This urban outdoor show is performed at dark so that the bright visual images can have a stronger aesthetic effect. The show has been created for touring in street art festivals and it is easy to tailor for various urban events outdoors and indoors.

 Outdoor show

Performers: Hanna Moisala, Jenni Lehtinen ja Sasu Peistola
Music: Tommi Koskinen
Duration: 30min
Photo: Jouni Ihalainen
Production: Agit- Cirk & Delicode
Co-operation: Lumo Company & Flow Production



Ready to tour

A twisted exploration of trying to remember and not remembering. In this two-hander, featuring tightwire, aerial straps and all manner of circus skills, frustration and distorted moments arise from each attempt, and failure, to remain connected to the world.

Lola explores themes of loneliness, social exclusion and dementia through the lens of black comedy and circus. Physical comedy and circus stunts bring humour and lightness to serious subjects – always with a strong spirit of the absurd.

Premier Jacksons Lane Theatre 3th & 4th October 2018

 Performers: Hanna Moisala & Angeliki Nikolakaki

Director: Taina Kopra

Light Designer: Ville Finnilä

Costume designer: Kitte Klemettilä

Video film and trailer: Jonathan Fraser / ARORA Studios

Producer: Zoe Munn

Production: Lumo Company

Support: Alfred Kordelin Foundation, TelepArt, Sea Change Arts, Sea Monkey, Sorin SIrkus


Vagabond 3- small.jpg


cOMING 2019 / Touring

Two fierce fugitives with no hesitation keep fighting for their freedom not merely to survive but thrive. Vagabond is a hilarious espace story of two woman being chased and raced. They are breathless and restless on the height of the wire, fragile on top of the glass bottles. The riffs of the bass echoing, the faith is taken to their own hands.

Consept: Hanna Moisala & Milla Kurronen

Performers: Hanna Moisala & Milla Kurronen

Outdoor show: 30min

Pre premier: 11-12.5.2019 Näyttämö, Joensuu, Finland



Ready to Tour

Tightwire performance Wigsby sheds light into the six layers of personality of the same person.
The personalities will dance on the wires, some in harmony, others in conflict. Together they compose an individual, a whole. The network built of three tightwires is a meeting point, where they fight for their territory but also combine their powers.

Premier 31.8.2018 Oulu august festival

Director: Hanna Moisala Performers: Saana Peura, Sini Napari, Milla Kurronen, Rasmus Witikka, Noora Juppi, Maiju Saarimaa Choreographical help: Netta Lepistö Production: Lumo Company
Editing of music: Jori Reunanen
Duration: 30min
Video & trailer: Jori Reunanen
Costume Designer & Stylist: Hilla Ruuska



Consulting & teaching

We offer workshops in circus and drama skills. Our team members are highly experienced professionals with several years of experience in performing and teaching circus and theatre to all age groups. Whether you are planning a team building event or a holiday camp, we can cater for your needs. Our workshops can be tailored to suit any event. Do not hesitate to contact us for further information.


Specialist consulting / workshops include:

  • Aerial Cradle

  • Aerial Silks & Rope

  • Capoeira

  • Hula Hoops

  • Aerial Hoop

  • Acrobatics

  • Tightwire

  • Balancing

  • Drama

  • Clowning

  • Circus

  • Handstands


Rig hire

Tightwire rigs to hire. We can provide traditional A-frames or a freestanding tightwire rig. Pleace contact us for more information.


Companies we have collaborated with

Sorin Sirkus • Tampereen Komediateatteri • Konserttikeskus (Consert centre in Finland) • Eppu Normaali Oy • Oulun Tähtisirkus
Jacksons Lane theatre • The Lowry • Circomedia • Arts school Estradi • Agit-Cirk • Makin Projects
Circus Ruska festival • Mia Bergius Photography • ARORA Studios • Sea Change Arts •Finnish Institute of London • Circus Info Finland


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